What is a Motorhome Broker?

A motorhome broker is an independent person or company that executes transactions on behalf of another party. They can do this across several different assets, here at Complete Campers Southwest we offer campervan brokerage and caravan brokerage. As a broker we can provide you with up-to-date market information and give an answer to the question that every seller wants to know, How Much is My Motorhome Worth?

As a motorhome broker we will manage the whole buying and selling process. In its purest sense we function as an intermediary between motorhome buyers and sellers. Our role is to make the whole transaction safe and hassle free. Think of us as your own personal agent, we bring buyers and sellers together from all over the country, and we manage the entire process from start to finish in a safe and professional manner. We here at Complete Campers Southwest have created a safe and secure environment where you can buy and sell your motorhome, campervan, or caravan with confidence.


Q. How does motorhome brokerage work?

A. Motorhome brokerage works in very much the same way as it would using an estate agent. Your appointed broker will take care of the whole sale from marketing, viewings, and final handover. Thinking of buying a motorhome? Check out our buyers page here  BUYING PROCESS Thinking of selling a motorhome? Check out our seller’s page here SELLING PROCESS

Q. How easy is it to sell a motorhome?

A. This is a good question, selling a motorhome can be a very time-consuming process, with marketing, advertising, and dealing with enquires, organising viewings it takes a certain amount of dedication. Its not easy unless you have the time to dedicate to the process, and even then it can prove to be a frustrating dealing with calls, emails and general requests that come part of the selling process.

Q. Are motorhomes holding their value?

A. This is an easy question to answer in the current market the simple answer is yes. As long has your motorhome is free from damage with a good service history. There are still shortages in the production of new models, this is helping to keep values in a wonderful place.

Q. How do I buy from a motorhome broker?

A. The process is very much the same as if you bought your motorhome from anywhere. You arrange to view the motorhome, if you want to purchase you leave a deposit to secure and arrange a collection date. For more information click the link here BUYING PROCESS to our buyer a motorhome page.

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