Caravan Protect Silver

External Equipment

Body leaks

(cover terminates when the caravan reaches seven years of age) Water ingress through any permanently sealed seam or joint is part of the original manufacturer's construction.

Braking System

All mechanical linkages, backing plates, actuators, drums, and shoes. ( Exclusions This policy does not cover damage to the brake drums, shoes, or any other faults caused through misuse of the braking system)


All chassis members including outriggers

Running Gear

Axles, hubs, hub bearings, hub oil seals, road wheels (excluding tyres and tubes)


Springs, hangers, shackle pins, bushes, shock absorbers, and mountings.

Towing Mechanism

All mechanical components are fitted to the caravan.

Internal Equipment

Auxiliary electrics

Mains hook-up input connector, battery charger and distributor unit, interior lighting units (excluding bulbs)

Cassette toilet

The cassette toilet is covered ( excluding the seat)


The unit includes burners, a grill, an oven, and flame failure device, and an igniter.


All mechanical, electrical, and electronic components are contained within the assembly.

Heating systems

Thermostat, motor, switches, control unit, gas heater, flame failure device, igniter

Water System

Water heater (gas or electric) fresh water tank, water pump, water level gauges, and tank sender unit.

Gas System

Gas pipe runs and joint, gas bottle fixing bracket.

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