Motorhome Gold Warranty

Gold - covers both the base vehicle and habitation equipment for all electrical and mechanical components fitted as part of the manufacturer’s original specification, including water ingress and delamination. Available for up to 36 months for motorhomes up to 5 years old and 36,000 miles with a maximum claims limit of up to the purchase price of the motorhome.

Significant Benefits 

  • Unlimited claims.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Day-one cover.
  • European cover.
  • Contribution towards forward transportation.
  • Contribution towards overnight accommodation.
  • Contribution towards replacement vehicle hire.
  • For an additional fee it also includes Motorhome Assist.

Also included

Oil Seals

  • Crank Shaft front seal.
  • Camshaft oil seal.
  • Auxiliary shaft oil seal.
  • Drive shaft(s) seals.
  • Gearbox rear seal.

Differential pinion seal and any oil seal or gasket, where removal of the engine, gearbox, or differential/drive unit is essential in order to effect repair.

Working Materials

Oils, oil filters, and anti-freeze are included only if it is essential to replace them because of the failure of a part that is included under the agreement.


If any of the parts included fail and this damages the casings, they will also be included.

Specific Exclusions

  • Body
  • Paint
  • Glass, brightwork, and all similar interior/exterior trim and finish
  • Entertainment/communication systems and connected equipment including satellite navigation
  • Catalytic converters diesel particulate filters, and other items as listed in the warranty schedule including wear and tear.

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