Motorhome Habitation Checks

Complete Campers Southwest can now offer a mobile repair service for your motorhome or caravan.

Fully Trained and Approved

We are dedicated to keeping you on the road. We are here to ensure that your motorhome/campervan or caravan is safe for you to enjoy. We provide a personal and professional mobile service to motorhome and caravan owners throughout Devon & Cornwall. Our mobile engineers are approved and gas-safe. We offer our customers peace of mind in the knowledge that all work is carried out to a professional standard and that our engineers are independently assessed annually.

Motorhome & Caravan Habitation Checks

A habitation check is a full health assessment of your vehicle's living area. Ensuring your motorhome or caravan is safe. If your vehicle has any kind of warranty, it is usually a condition that an annual habitation check is carried out. Making sure your motorhome or caravan is in good working order, is vital. A habitation check makes sure you are safe by checking the operation of your gas and electrical systems aboard your motorhome or caravan. This is a comprehensive check offering total peace of mind. Included in your check is a full water ingress report. We offer our habitation service throughout Devon and Cornwall. The service we offer is fully mobile and we will travel to the vehicle’s location.

What's Checked?

Water & Plumbing 

All water and plumbing systems are checked for leaks. A more thorough examination may be performed if there is any reason to believe plumbing systems are damaged. A technician will inspect all water taps and wastewater discharges. They will inspect the toilet and seal and, if installed, the wet heating system.

Electrical Systems

Electrical systems and components are inspected during a habitation check. The check includes looking at all internal and external lights along with their sockets. Technicians also check circuit breakers and all electrical appliances, such as refrigerators.

Gas Systems 

Just like water and electrics must be checked, so must a motorhome's gas systems. Technicians thoroughly inspect gas systems in order to identify any leaks. They also inspect ventilation, safety features built into the system, and all appliances that run on gas. This includes a gas-fuelled water heater.


Ventilation is also examined to make sure it is working properly. Poor ventilation can result in dampness trapped inside the motorhome. Any such dampness would need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Fire & C02 Detectors

A habitation check includes testing fire and CO detectors to make sure they are in good working order. If a motorhome is equipped with fire extinguishers, these will be examined as well. An expired extinguisher would need to be recharged or replaced.

Damp Report 

A damp check is included with every habitation check. This procedure is intended to reveal any dampness inside a motorhome before it causes too much damage. Technicians expect to find at least some moisture, but readings that seem excessively high could indicate that water is getting into the unit through windows, doors, or vents.


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