Static Caravan Brokerage

Static/Lodge Brokerage

When it comes to selling your static caravan or lodge, you historically have three options, none of which will leave you singing in the street. Here at Complete Campers Southwest, we want to offer you an alternative.

Option 1: Selling back to the park.

 In most cases, the park will have first refusal, so please check your small print. This is the easiest option; however, it will be your lowest return. Always speak to the park first. But know, you do not need to accept this offer.

Option 2: Sell to a Trader.

This option is relatively stress free, but again, you will receive a basic trade offer, and you will have to pay a removal and disconnection fee. Speak to your park to find out what this is before accepting any offer.

Option 3: Private Sale.

This will give you the best return, but does involve a lot of time and effort from you, and let’s face it, your holiday home is not usually on your doorstep!  Remember, in most cases you will need to pay a percentage of the sale price back to the park, this is approximately 15%, but please check with your park. Some parks may offer to sell your caravan for you, but generally have little interest in this and will often steer any potential buyers towards their own stock.

Complete Campers Brokerage Option 

This option will give you all of the good bits of selling your holiday home privately, but with minimal effort from you.

We will professionally market your holiday home across multiple different platforms. We deal with all enquires, viewings and negotiations, right down to getting an Agreement to Purchase in place. At this stage we will put you in contact with the buyer for you to conclude the transaction with the park. All for one fixed fee, and this is strictly on a NO SALE NO FEE BASIS.

Why use us?

1, No advertising cost.

2, Get the price you want.

3, No time and money wasted doing viewing.

4, Professional salespeople dedicated to finding you a buyer.

5, No Sale No Fee.

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