Caravan Protect Gold

Tourer Protect Plus covers ALL electrical and mechanical components as well as glass, reinforced plastic (GRP), and plastic panels, fitted as part of the manufacturer’s original specification, including water ingress and delamination. Cover is available for up to 36 months for caravans up to five years old with a maximum claims limit up to the purchase price of the caravan. There are no limits to the number of claims within the policy period.

  • Extra Benefits (both cover levels)
  • Recovery
  • As well as the cover listed, we will pay up to £100 towards the cost of recovering the caravan to the nearest repairer should it be untowable.
  • Overnight accommodation and rail fares
  • Should you be unable to return home due to your caravan breaking down we will pay up to £100 towards hotel accommodation or a return rail fare home.
  • Driving Abroad
  • The policy is also valid for up to 90 days per year whilst in the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.
  • Policy Transfer
  • Should you wish to sell your caravan privately then the policy is transferable, this can greatly assist with the sale.

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